Redesigning a Mechanized Car Wash

We hear a lot of about alternative energy, going green and conservation in the car washing sector. After all, every dollar saved, is a dollar added to the other side of the income statement. Of course, what is interesting is that for all this talk, there are a huge number of operators who simply do things the way they’ve always done them. Car washes use a lot of energy, and a good amount of water, even if they do recycle a portion of it. Just the sheer volume of the cars coming through adds up to a significant amount of water use.

Carwash mechanisms also use a lot of energy to operate, and generally solar power on top of all the buildings at the carwash simply does not create enough energy to run the facilities, especially on busy weekends. But a bit of rethinking can save a ton of energy, and solar panels can run all the lights, cash register, coke machines and such, even if it cannot power up the enormous vacuum cleaner system or car wash tunnel apparatus. Remember every dollar saved is a dollar earned.

And it may be possible to run the vacuums and car washing tunnel for a few hours on the non-busy days, again, a little savings here and a little bit there. Eventually an operator can figure out ways to incrementally decrease power and increase solar collection. Maybe add a couple of small wind turbines too, the vertical type to power up the system. Maybe on windy and sunny days the car wash could run on all alternative energy. Every day running on such system is more energy saved.

Perhaps, the industry needs to re-pencil out a plan and maybe operators need to be thinking here. There are low cost solutions, and a couple of operators now are turning their sludge into energy generation endeavors too, it’s a neat little bio-mass energy trick, something worthy to look into. Please be thinking here.

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Commercial Window Cleaning Las Vegas – Power Wash Business

If I was a white-collar professional in Las Vegas, or even a blue-collar professional with a commercial office – some type of office space that you need to look good for customers – commercial window cleaning in Las Vegas should be an important part of keeping your image. And when you have a professional window cleaner come in, it says a lot about you when your customers see a neat and orderly office and perfect glass. When customers walk in, they are going to take you seriously, because you take your office and your surroundings seriously.

If you own a restaurant, you’re going to want to have your windows professionally cleaned. We clean restaurants about every two weeks because they get so dirty, especially from food products getting on the windows, and it’s just too hard to spend the time or the money to have your own employees clean the windows, when they could be making you more money doing what you trained them to do the best. So that’s why you need to have a Las Vegas commercial window cleaning company come in, and sometimes it’s as little as $ 50 just to get your windows cleaned, and it can make a huge difference in the amount of revenue that is coming to your Las Vegas business.

Due to the heat in Las Vegas, power washing can be helpful in keeping your driveway and sidewalks clean. It’s very annoying when you have a leaky car and it’s leaking oil all over your drive way. If you have a stain on your concrete, and you want to get it out, you’re going to need a few tools: First, you need a hot-water power washer. At least 200 – 265 degrees. Second, you need a steel brush. Third, you need a degreaser.

After the degreaser sits on the concrete for a while, you take the hot-water power washer, and power-wash it off. Once that is complete, spray the degreaser on it again, take the steel brush, scrub it, and then hot-water power wash it again.

To rent a hot-water power washer will cost you about $ 150. The degreaser will cost you about $ 35, and the steel brush will only cost you about $ 10. You can either do it yourself, and pay the same amount. Or you can pay the $ 150 that you would spend anyways and have a Las Vegas power washing company do the work, and create less hassle for yourself, and have a clean driveway.

I do a lot of business window cleaning with property managers here in Las Vegas. The biggest service that they give their customers is keeping the grounds cleaned, keeping everything maintained. I do have some Las Vegas property management companies that can’t pay for it, they can’t put it in their business cam charges, and they expect their customers (or their tenants) to take care of the business window cleaning for them. Some of the customers will do that, but a lot of the time they won’t and they resent their property manager for not doing that. They assume that window cleaning should be part of the rent.

Most of the Las Vegas property managers that I work with (and clean their windows) find that they have increased rents, and they have increased business because their properties look nice all of the time. Just because you don’t have someone renting out the property, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have it maintains, and it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have the windows cleaned on a regular basis. Because when the business and windows look that good all of the time, people are more likely to take you seriously as a Las Vegas property manager, and are more likely to lease from you and sign that contract, because they know that you will be taking care of them, and keeping the property nice and the windows clean during that business rental contract.

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