A Short DIY Solar Panels Guide

So, you want to do your part to help the environment and reduce your electric bill. That may leave you looking at solar panels seem to be a great idea. However, one call to a local contractor and you will easily change your mind. They want thousands and thousands of dollars. Yes, you will save money in the end, but what if you do not have those thousands and thousands of dollars to spend? Does that mean you need to give up your solar panel dream? No, it just means that you need to opt for DIY solar panels and here is how you can get started:

1 – Start Researching DIY Solar Panels

A few years ago, you might have only one or two options when it came to DIY solar panels. As with any other product available for sale, not all solar panels are created equal. Therefore, note that you should never buy blindly. Never base your decision solely on price either – in numerous cases, the less expensive product provided the required amount of quality and performance. It is best to take a few hours or days to examine all of your options. Read the list of what is provided in each kit, look for reviews online, or ask around. Know of any friends, family members, or neighbors with DIY solar panels? See what were the brands they opted for, how satisfied were with their choice and so on.

2 – Now Buy the Right DIY Solar Panels

After you have done the proper amount of research on these DIY solar panels, you are ready to buy. Once you have a specific brand for full package in mind or even you want to make your panels from stuff, use the internet to shop around for the best price, eBay might be one good place to look for. You should also calculate the number of solar panels your home needs based on their current output.

3 – Read All Instructions – Plan before installing your DIY solar panels

Many people like to read and go. With a DIY solar panels project, this can result in mistakes and many headaches. First, look of the list of tools needed. Most do-it-yourself packages include the supplies, but not necessarily the tools; buy them before you start working. Make sure you get everything from the beginning rather than having to run for them afterwards.

4 – Use Your How-To Guide along the Way

It is best to read the instruction manual or guide before you get started. This ensures you have all needed tools and are familiarized with all warnings and hazards; this prevents injury. However, reading a guide once is not enough to make you an expert. Keep that guide by your side as you begin to construct your DIY solar panels. Now, this may seem silly to hear but it is the truth: If this work is need for your help from your family or friends, Just follow all instructions in detailed guide and all of you are done!

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Home Solar Energy DIY Natural Solutions For Costly Electricity

Home solar energy systems are becoming more and more popular, and no doubt you have heard of the cost saving benefits by now. Now, if you have been sold on the idea of tapping into the sun’s limitless power by converting your home into a showcase of solar energy, here are a few guidelines on how to undertake a do-it-yourself project.

Determine Your Needs

Embarking on the solar journey entails basic steps. First, you can either go active by using photovoltaic panels and solar thermal collectors or go passive by designing your home with solar-friendly materials and with spaces that circulate air as naturally as possible. Home solar energy conversion, however, is easier with the active way when you have already constructed your house and you are not willing to renovate it.

Second, you have to assess whether you want partial or total solar power. As can be expected, the costs, time and effort involved will considerably vary. There are companies that sell equipments on a piecemeal basis for partial installations as well as companies that provide custom fit energy systems for complete installations.

Third, you must consider your budget. Keep in mind that each DIY alternative will require money outlays for things like solar panel materials, house redesign and even a bit of expert professional help along the way.

Nobody said that home solar energy will be very easy, especially when you consider your energy needs with your money needs! Still, when you have installed your solar energy system, it will pay for itself many times over through reduced electrical bills and pollution impact.

Do Your Research

With the numerous solar energy DIY kits in the market today, it’s easy to be fooled by promises. Fortunately, it’s a free country where nobody will take it against you to do your research. It’s your money, after all!

First, you must determine the DIY kit based on the following easy-to-follow criteria:

Purchase and Installation Cost. In these recessionary times, it pays to pay as little as you possibly can without sacrificing high quality. Shop around for home solar energy kits online and offline.

Customer Service and Support. Of course, a DIY kit is meant to be a, well, do-it-yourself project. However, you will need expert support from time to time so it’s a big factor when the company has sufficient ways to extend it.

Ease of Use. This is very obvious since a solar DIY kit must be sufficiently easy to use that you can install it yourself, with a little help from family and friends.

Money-saving Capability, Keep in mind that you wanted to save money on electricity bills, hence, you decided to ride on the home solar energy bandwagon. Ask detailed questions of exactly how much you can expect to save with the system before plunging into your buying mode.

Second, you must ask around. If you have family and friends who have decided to go solar, then ask for their inputs about the various kits they have encountered. Also, if possible, ask the company for referrals to their customers. This way, you can validate the claims made by the DIY solar energy kit manufacturer.

After you have done with your research, it is time to take action towards home solar energy applications.

Rod Dagan from DIY Natural Solutions offers information on natural remedies for health and energy. To choose the best system research Home Solar Energy Reviews.

Reasons To Get A DIY Solar Power Kit

Would you like the opportunity to be able to save around 80% on your home electrical bills each year? If so then isnt it about time you considered possibly getting a solar powered generator installed in your home? Certainly there are a number different kinds of DIY Solar Power kits one can purchase today and which can then supply your home with an alternative source of power.

There are a growing number of people who are looking for alternative sources to supply power to their homes. Of all the alternative energy sources available the DIY Solar Power kits are proving one of the most popular choices to help produce electrical power to a home. As well as being safe for the environment this type of alternative energy source is also cost effective.

Many people do not realize that installation of a solar powered system in a home is a relatively simple task and does not take long. After it has been installed the system can actually increase the value of a property and can be used straight away to generate a new supply of electrical power, which means the homeowner can start saving on their electrical bills immediately. Also you will find that you are doing your bit for the environment as well.

When it comes to getting the components you need in order to do this project you will find it isnt difficult. Certainly the internet is a great place to get everything you need and of course all of it can be delivered directly to your door. So you dont need to be running from one hardware or DIY store to find the final vital component to finish constructing yours.

When installing such equipment you must ensure that you follow the instructions to the letter provided by the manufacturer. If however, you are having problems or feel you dont have the expertise with certain aspects of the installation then employ the services of a qualified electrician or a company that install such systems.

Not only do DIY Solar Power kits prove very efficient but they must be placed in the right location to ensure that they receive as much sunlight on to them as possible. Plus you need to ensure that you purchase the best quality solar power panels possible. So initially you must purchase the right sorts of hardware to construct them.

To construct your own solar powered system you need to get a solar panel or panels, a good quality inverter, a solar charge regulator and of course cabling. This as mentioned previously you should be able to purchase easily online and sometimes at a discounted price.

As well as the DIY Solar Power kits being easy for you to install you also have the opportunity to customize them to suit your particular needs. So you can construct them in a way that not only suits your needs but the style of your home. Plus of course the biggest advantage of all is that installing your own system is much less than if you were to hire a specialist team to do the work for you.

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Why Get DIY Solar Power Kits?

Would you like the opportunity to be able to save around 80% on your home electrical bills each year? If so then isnt it about time you considered possibly getting a solar powered generator installed in your home? Certainly there are a number different kinds of DIY Solar Power kits one can purchase today and which can then supply your home with an alternative source of power.

More and more people are looking for ways to provide power to their homes. Certainly of all the various alternative energy sources we can use DIY Solar Power kits are proving very popular indeed. Not only is this a safe system for the environment but is also a very cost effective one as well.

What many people do not realize is that actually installing solar power in a home wont take long. Plus once installed it can actually help to increase how much the property is worth. Plus after it has been installed one can immediately start to generate ones own electrical supply and so start saving money on ones electrical bills for their home. Also of course you are actually helping to do your bit and save the environment.

As for getting the parts to complete the project you won’t find this too much of a problem. The internet is a wonderful source for being able to get everything that you need and of course it can all be delivered directly to your front door. So no having to go from one DIY or hardware store in order to get those vital components so you complete the project.

When installing such equipment you must ensure that you follow the instructions to the letter provided by the manufacturer. If however, you are having problems or feel you dont have the expertise with certain aspects of the installation then employ the services of a qualified electrician or a company that install such systems.

Although these systems can be very efficient, they do need to be placed in the right location and therefore somewhere that is going to ensure that they are provided with plenty of sunlight. Also you need to make sure that the quality of the solar panels to be used is of the highest grade. So spend time looking at the hardware available and go for the ones that you can easily afford as part of your DIY Solar Power kit.

When it comes to constructing such systems along with the panels you will need an inverter, solar charge regulator and cabling. As mentioned previously such components are readily available to buy online and you may find that the cost considerably less as well.

Not only are DIY Solar Power kits easy for you to install but you could if you want customize the system to meet your particular requirements. So you have the opportunity to construct a system that meets with the style of property you own. Also if you choose to install such a system yourself you will end up saving yourself quite a considerable sum.

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Why Solar Do It Yourself Power Sources Are Revolutionizing The Power Industry

There are many renewable sources of energy being released to the market today. How can you choose the right source of energy resources that are renewable though? What type of renewable energy should you focus your efforts on if you wish to create your own renewable energy source? Solar do it yourself energy options are proving to be some of the most promising areas of renewable energy right now.

There are a variety of reasons why solar power is proving to be one of the best sources of renewable energy, but one of the primary reasons is due to the amazing abundance of solar energy on our planet. The Sun is very far away, but it is releasing an amazing amount of energy every single second.

In fact, if human civilization on Earth could capture all of the energy being released by the Sun towards the Earth at any given moment, we would be able to power all of our electronics and all of our electrical devices for years. Even so, there is only a small fraction of the overall population taking advantage of this amazing power source right now.

This type of energy is often one of the most simple forms of renewable energy available as well. When you wish to utilize solar energy, you simply only need solar panels in order to acquire your energy. This is why many homes are converting to the use of solar power as their primary power source right now.

If you would like to get started with this renewable energy resource, you should certainly consider the fact that you can get started very slowly. You do not have to purchase a complete system right at the start, but you can purchase a single solar panel and work up from there. You can even choose to purchase enough solar panels to simply power your pool heater if you are working with a limited budget.

If you look at the many energy sources that are considered to be renewable sources available today, it is unlikely that you will find a renewable energy source that is available in such vast quantities as solar energy is. Every single day the Sun is shining, there is great deal of power being sent from the Sun to the Earth that can be utilized as solar power. Also, this energy can be converted fairly efficiently, which means that the solar panels that are necessary in order to capture solar energy can easily capture the amount of energy that was necessary to create the solar panels in the first place.

This quick generation of energy makes solar do it yourself energy products the most efficient and effective sources of energy available today. So, if you would like to establish a solar energy system within your own home, you should certainly look into the possibilities of installing solar panels around your house in order to power your home’s electricity and your home’s electronics. In some cases, you can even power your car if you own an electric vehicle.

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Solar Yard Lights: Eco-Friendly and Energy Saving

Alternative energy sources are popular, can save their users money, are better for the environment, and present less difficult technical problems than conventional energy sources. Solar powered outdoor lighting is one of these alternative energy systems that many people may never have considered using, but which have many benefits to offer the users of such lights.

Landscaping lights can add beauty to your yard as well as using them for safety and visibility at night. The illumination from these lights can make walkways and driveways more visible and safer, as well as discouraging intruders if attached to the building exterior. Statues, fountains and special plantings can be illuminated and highlighted by landscape lights also.

There are countless benefits to installing solar lights in your yard. The most evident of these is that it saves you money. Electricity can be really expensive, and every bulb makes a dent in your bill. When solar powered lights were first invented, they were fairly expensive but still worth the money you would save each month on your electric bill. But now these lights have been around for a while and are no longer expensive; sometimes they are cheaper than traditional lights to install. And once installed, they cost you nothing extra.

Another advantage of lights that use solar power is that they are simple to use, without any hassle. Once you choose a site that gets ample sunlight, attach your light or sink a pole and support and you’re finished, unless the light comes with a switch. Solar lights collect energy throughout the day and store it in batteries. They do not require any wiring. Traditional lighting, on the other hand, requires carefully hidden and protected wiring, and sometimes even needs to be installed by an electrician.

The main drawback of having solar yard lights in a completely shady area of your yard is that they may not charge or even work properly. Check with a landscaping professional or with stores that sell solar lighting about the optimum locations for placement on your property. With advances in batteries and storage devices along with the solar cells themselves their requirements are easier to meet and will likely to continue improving.

Another issue is how long a light will function when fully charged, and how long you need lights to be on each evening. Lights will be rated for these parameters and you need to decide what you need and check what each device offers. Online resources can help with such decisions. And also be sure to comparison shop for solar yard lights. Check out mark down discount stores for these lights, since I have seen them in one nationally popular chain store for ridiculously low prices. Go solar for a safer, more attractive yard and save money doing it!

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Building Do-It-Yourself Solar Panels – Some Questions You Need to Ask

The process of building do-it-yourself panels can have its rewards and its challenges. If you want to build your panels correctly, you need to do your research first in order to understand what you are getting into.

A good plan is key to everything in a do-it-yourself project, such as this one. In order to build your own solar panel array, you need to be able to see how you can get to your end goal.

Before beginning your solar panel project, you should find out some key bits of information. What materials are available in your area, or what direction your roof is pointed, or even if you are allowed to build solar panels, in your area.

Here are some questions you should ask, before beginning your project:

1. How much electricity do you need? One of the very first steps before building do-it-yourself solar panels is to check your electricity bills and evaluate how you can reduce your current usage. Beyond power saving steps, you need to know how much power will you need to produce each year.

2. Where is your roof pointing? One of the most common problems when building solar panels is to have everything ready to go, then realize most of your roof is facing the shade. Do an assessment of your roof, in the morning, midday, and afternoon, to find out which areas get the most sunlight. Also, keep track of your finding, as the seasons pass.

3. What is the weight of your solar panels? Depending on the materials you use for your panels, the resulting panel box can be considerably heavy. And, if your roof has some structural flaws, the panels will make them even weaker. Before building your solar panels, you should see if your roof can handle the weight. If not, then look for external mounting possibilities.

4. Do you have all the tools & materials you need? Starting with a good solar guide is probably the first step, before purchasing all of your materials involved. Sure, you can buy all recycled parts and build a system for less than $ 200. But if you want to build a system big enough for your house, you’ll need to shop for a few extra tools & parts.

5. Does your homeowner association or city allow solar panels? This is likely the most missed question, since everyone allows solar panel installations, right? Although federal and state laws often encourage you to build solar panels, neighborhood and homeowner associations may disagree. Although you can sue your association and likely win, it is best to work with them first, to ensure a successful and headache-free project.

Once you have answered all of these questions, you will have a good idea about how to start your solar panel project. A good installation guide is key, but doing your research is a priceless step you can’t be without.

Find out how easy it is to start building your own solar panels, and start saving money today!

2 Solar Water Heater DIY Projects

There are two types of solar water heaters. Passive and forced circulation. In this article I’ll show you how to construct one of each. Two simple yet effective solar water heater DIY projects.

I must first say that neither of these heaters will heat your home. You could use similar methods to preheat your water before it flows to your hot water heater. If you live in a freezing climate you should look into a forced circulation system. Both of these heaters are for experimentation. You could use them camping or for small water heating needs around the house.

* The first one is extremely simple. Just a black storage tank exposed to the sun will heat water. If you have ever seen one of those camping shower bags you know what I’m talking about. I’ve seen some folks heating water in those big blue food grade 55 gallon drums. Just spray paint it flat black. Install a PVC valve. Set it in a nice sunny spot. Fill it with water. Sit Back and watch mother nature work her magic.

* The second takes a little more work. You will need a length of 1/2″ or 3/4″ Black hose. I would recommend 100 feet in length. The longer the better.

Do this on a large flat area of ground. Unroll the entire hose in a straight line. Starting with the inlet side begin to roll the hose into a flat coil. To make it easier to transport you can tape or zip tie it together as you go. Once you have rolled the entire hose flat your outlet should be on the outside. Your inlet on the inside.

Take your flat rolled hose and place it in full sunlight. Connect the inlet to your water tap or elevated tank. Crack your valve so that the water runs slowly. The water coming out of your coil should be much hotter than the water coming in.

You could couple these heaters together for even better results. Elevate your black tank in an area with full sun. Connect your coil to the tank. Make sure the coil is below the tank, but still in full sunlight. Now you have your first solar water heating system. Perfect for camping or small water heating needs.

You can construct a much more sophisticated system that will supply your home with hot water. This is just a starting point. An experiment to show you some of what solar water heater diy projects can do.

Good luck. Have fun experimenting.

Who Else Wants To Create Their Own Electricity And Laugh At Rising Energy Prices While Saving The Environment And Having The Electricity Company Pay You?”

Do it Yourself Solar Home Tips

Solar energy is one of the most underrated solutions around. Many folks still rely on gas and other energy sources to power up their house, and they pay the price at the end of each month when they get their bill in the mail. With solar energy, you don’t have a bill to pay, and you are not going to run out of your power source anytime soon.

Unlike what most people think, solar power is affordable and easy to put to use. In reality, you have a lot to gain by creating your own solar home. You don’t have to be super technical to go green, but you do need to pay attention to:

Solution: you should choose and install a solution that gives you the opportunity to save more money. Make sure you don’t invest in a too good to be true solution.
Planning: you may be excited about helping the earth but don’t forget to plan if you want to succeed.
Method: you can both heat and cool your house with Eco-friendly technologies. Know your options before acting.
Installation: someone’s got to install your panels, and you need to do it right. Plan ahead to avoid major headaches. You can always create your very own system. There are many training solutions out there that help you do just that.
Tax: the government is giving tax advantages to companies and individuals who are adopting eco-friendly technologies. Make sure you take advantage of it.
Mistakes: do your research to make sure you don’t make mistakes others have made before you.

There you have it. You don’t have to be a genius to implement eco-friendly solutions. You can go solar at home with or without anyone’s help. It all comes down to your dedication to research and learn new things. The money you’ll save makes it all worth your while.

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DIY Solar Panels

The amount of information on how to generate natural energy using Solar Panel energy and help to preserve the earth’s resources are downright amazing. Plenty of times people will ask me how they can convert their home. Arriving at a concrete answer could be very difficult, yet the answer is there.

Simply as it can be put, there are lots of products out there that teach you how to switch a home to natural generated energy. When you look at these products closely however, only a few of them are worth much if anything. Converting a home using professionals can turn to be very expensive, and many people are turning to do-it-yourself books. In addition with the wide range of information out in the world, it would be best to first discover what a Solar Panel learning package is and is not.

First thing first, a regiment that teaches you to convert your home using Solar Panels is not the only thing you would need. To make the actual conversion you will still need to follow the guide to building proper Solar Panels.

Following up, not every home is appropriate for Solar Panel conversion. If you live in a condominium for example you don’t have the surface area for Solar Panels. These things are always good to know.

In addition, a package that teaches you how to convert your home using Solar Panels would be a great way to reduce or even better get rid of that power bill. In fact, if you install it right you will likely generate more energy than you use, and the power company may have to pay you for the power you generate. This however is a legal matter to be tended by other authorities. Finally best of all, if you choose the right methods to convert your home using Solar Panels it can be done for a very inexpensive cost to you.

Last but not least, if you don’t take the time to choose the right learning methods then you’re just wasting your money and even more your time. You even run the risk of creating problems for yourself in dealing with real estate. Choosing the right tool and methods to learn with is the most important step!

To help you choose a Solar Panel power package that works, I have taken the time to work up a evaluation based on the top five learning products on the market today. I based my evaluations on the following criteria.

Going Solar Panel Green Power – Obviously the main goal from any power generation project is to generate power. We tested how much power each solar panel can generate.
The ease of building Solar Panel – With a package that teaches a person how to convert a home, the material should be clearly laid out, and the components should be simple to build with minimal cost to builder.
Instructional Value from item being built – From the above criteria we gave favorable ratings to those Solar Panel building packages that taught how to go green with ease and minimal effort. The best packages had everything clearly explained, drawn blueprints, and then further explained with how-to videos (A great plus for the digital age).
Mainly the cost involved – The main reason people choose to convert their home to Solar Panel power is to of course save money. I gave favorable ratings to the packages that taught us how to find parts for less.
The availability of parts – Some learning packages we tested recommended parts that weren’t available at all locations in many states. I gave good recommendations to those that used parts that were available to anyone (such as at your local hardware store in many cities across America)
The time involved in building Solar Panels – How long did it take to build each component? I found that this has a lot to do with how well the material was explained to build, but some of the plans just weren’t simple enough if you could believe.
The overall rating – From the above factors I gave each package an overall rating, and went further to explain why the rating was given.
Learn How to Build Your Own Solar Panels

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