Modern day architecture has completely changed by 3d home design software

Thus there is a close connect between architecture and civilization. In history you can see that in the most developed and prosperous places on earth such as the Harappa or Indus Valley, Egypt or Rome architects created fantastic buildings; homes, public places, universities, palaces libraries and memorials which have borne well the vagaries of time and still exist. The mainstay of the conversion of this creative effort was the drafting done by skilled and trained draftsmen who made the plans or the blue prints that were needed to construct the building. The difficult and laborious part of the architect’s job was the drafting work of the draftsmen. Yet rarely did they get credit for their effort!
Modern day architecture has changed completely. Architects can now take the help of designing and drafting software to make the building plans and computers make the designs and drafts in a fraction of the time needed by draftsmen to do the work manually. Computer Aided Designing and Drafting or CADD as it is called in short, is now used by almost all architects to design a building.
Advances in architectural software have brought us 3D Home Design Software that is the backbone of architectural endeavors now. This is because by using the 3D Home Design Software, architects and draftsmen can create 3 dimensional models of the house that you want designed by them. The output of this software is a miniature model of the house that will give you a realistic idea of how the house will appear in real life after it has been completed.
Naturally, everyone is excited about this software; the architects because CADD has made it so easy for them to create new designs and plans for buildings and the 3D Home Design Software has made it so easy to explain to clients all the features designed in the house. The draftsmen are also happy as this software has made drafting so easy and quick. Gone are the days of back breaking work. The computer does it all; you have just to learn to use the software.
Using the 3D Home Design Software, trained draftsmen can create a 3D floor plan of the house that is being planned. A 3D Floor plan is a three dimensional but virtual model of the floor plan of a building. A 3D design of a home can give the home owner a better idea of how the proposed house will look than the conventional two dimensional depictions.
Lovleen Barns is a CADD CAM draftsman and does freelance work in Canada

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Designing Through Home Design Software

Designing your dream home can be an exciting activity. All the things you have dreamt about when you were young and all the features you have always wanted can now be brought to life. Though the thought can be stimulating, when it comes down to working with blueprints and detailed design work, the task may become so overwhelming that you would decide that it would be best to leave it to a professional. If you want to personally work on your homes layout but are afraid that your limited knowledge on this field may give you problems, try using home design software.

Home building and design has been made much easier in recent years with the creation of computer programs that allows even the novice user a crack at designing with a professional touch. The software offers a number of techniques and will even educate you on principles and logic behind certain layouts. Programs are offered based on a person’s level of understanding so you can work and learn at your own pace and not be confused by technical terms and methodologies.

One of the most basic things that home design software can teach you is how to properly situate the walls. Dimensions and load bearing are critical factors when building a home and so it maybe a bit of a challenge. You may realize that certain wall angles are not possible or that replicating a feature previously seen in another home may not be applicable to your overall plan. This new technology can help you deal with and overcome any design dilemma you may encounter. It can also help you combine working elements for a more accurate model.

With the use of design software, you will be exposed to the many components the make up building a house. This is a useful tool to avoid overlooking any section of the building. One such part that you may fail to notice is how to weatherproof your home. A vital point is to ensure that water does not have an effect on the foundation and will not cause erosion in the soil underneath it. As is usually identified in the program, this can be addressed by knowing how water tables affect the land and structures on it. It can also help familiarize you with grading lawns and mapping out the outer portion of the house. It is a useful teaching aide that will instruct you on how to keep water flowing away from your house instead of into it.

Getting a good tool like home design software can help you design as well as develop your skills. It can keep you on top of your homes’ building process, understand the intricate details of the construction and make you appreciate each facet of your home even more.

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The Redesign Of Gis Educational Software

GIS software must be redesigned if GIS is to succeed as a tool for supporting spatial thinking. Redesign of software is a normal and continuous process. Thus, for example, during the lifetime of this committee, GIS in general and ESRI products in particular have changed at a rapid rate. The driving forces remain the same, for professional-level and expert users, although the newly designed software may have educational applications. Box 9.1 describes some of the changes that have taken place.

Three models-academic, commercial, and collaborative offer options for the redesign of GIS to meet the needs of K-12 education. All three models appear to have merit as well as pitfalls. In the committee’s view, the collaborative model is appealing because of its potential to involve software developers, government, academia, and the K-12 user community. With the establishment of a “Federation of GIS Education Partners”, a suitable GIS could be developed within three years.

The current status of GIS as a support system for spatial thinking is as much cause for optim ism as for pessimism among those who want to see GIS infused throughout the K-12 curriculum. The successful adoption of GIS as a support system will be an immense challenge. Because this tool is in its early adoption phase, widespread diffusion of GIS throughout the K-12 sector is not guaran. teed will depend on the will of potential stakeholders, including the willingness of federal agencies, especially the U.S. Department of Education, to recognize that spatial thinking is an essential skill that should be learned for productive employment in the twenty-first century. Unless there is well articulated support among parents, teachers, curriculum developers, and business and policy leaders for national spatial thinking standards in this period of high-stakes testing, there will be little incentive to incorporate GIS across the K-12 curriculum. The widespread adoption of GIS is also contingent on the redesign of GIS to meet the particular needs of teachers and students. GIS is a good-but not the perfect-tool for supporting spatial thinking. Therefore, it cannot and should not be the basis for teaching spatial thinking but a basis for doing so. The committee recognizes that GIS has a clearly demonstrated potential as a support system for spatial thinking, but that there are significant challenges if it is to be successfully integrated into the curriculum. Therefore, the committee urges the development of a systematic plan and mechanism for design changes and a program of implementation. That plan must al so recognize the role of GIS as one part of a coordinated suite of tools.

In the committee’s view, GIS has significant potential and some limitations as a system for supporting spatial thinking acrossa range of subjectsin the K-I 2 curriculum,but for numerous reasons, that potential is not yet dose to being realized; it can and should be redesigned to accommodate the full range of learners and school contexts: and must supported by a systematic implementation program. Therefore, the committee sees GIS as exemplifying both the theoretical power of a system for supporting spatial thinking and the practical design and implementation problems that must be faced in the K-12 context. Although GIS does have the potential to make a significant impact on K-12 education, its impact will be greater if it is integrated into discipline-based standards and is itself standards based, it spans as wide a range of school subjects as possible, and it is part of a suite of supporting tools. GIS alone is not the answer to the problem of teaching spatial thinking in American schools. however, it can be a significant part of the answer.

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The Redesign Of Gis Educational Software

A redesign of GIS software is a key step if GIS is to succeed as a tool for supporting spatial thinking in the K-12 context. Among the GIS design issues that must be addressed are the following:

Broadening its accessibility to the full range of learners; strengthening the capacity to spatialize nonspatial data; overcoming the visualization weaknesses; providing graded systems of GIS that are age and experience appropriate; redesigning interfaces to be more intuitive and to provide help and guidance; raking the software customizable.

The committee recognizes that many of these design challenges are not specific to the K-12 context and that their solution may not occur with that context in mind. Should this be the case, then someone must take responsibility for adapting the solutions to the particular needs of teachers and students. Teachers and students should not be expected to adapt to a one-size-fits-all GIS that does not reflect their special needs.

In this section, the committee examines how a redesign of GIS to accommodate the needs of the K-12 education community might take place and suggests how it might be managed. The committee identified three mechanisms that led to the development of current versions of GIS software: the academic model, the commercial model, and the collaborative model. The academic model was based on researchers writing their own software. Changes in operating systems and hardware architectures led to the demise of many such systems, but ldrisi is one example that has flourished. It is priced for the academic market and for use by large classes at the college level. Its business model relies on sales as well as grants from agencies to pursue specific goals.

The commercial model, exemplified by companies such as ESRI, Intergraph, and Autodesk, is market driven with abusiness model that reflects the need to balance the costs of software development and support against income from the open market. The educational market plays little or no role in this model. The collaborative model views GIS software development asa collaborative process, underpinned by an open foundation of standards and basic functions. Thus, in the 1980s the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers developed the Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS ) pack. age and fostered a community of users who contributed extensions to the package. In this model, there is no distinction between users and developers. CRASS was built as open software, with no proprietary restrictions on access or use. Despite its success, it was seen as competing unfairly with the commercial market and, therefore, its support was terminated in the early 1990s although a residual community continues to use it.

These three models offer distinct options for the redesign of GIS software for the K-12 context. For the collaborative mechanism to succeed, a community would have to be identified, comprising specialists with sufficient technical skills to share the development of appropriate software, and with sufficient scientific understanding of the needs in the K-12 context. An organi. zation such as the University Consortium for Geographic Information Science (UCGIS) might be appropriate to facilitate collaboration, with sufficient funding from an appropriate federal agency. UCGIS has access to technical and intellectual expertise at each of its more than 60 member institutions and has sufficient experience in organizing large, distributed projects.

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Home Design Software Reviews | Home Design Software

he band is wider and thicker in the case of the engagement ring for the to-be groom and thinner and more delicate for the bride-to-be. The engagement ring designs could be contemporary or antique. The designs and material depend on the budget of the couple and personal preference. The engagement rings are designed in gold or silver or platinum, in the case of an elaborate budget. The antique style engagement rings are very popular for their exquisite designs and intricate metal work. The most popular antique style engagement ring is the inter-woven ring. The pattern is unique and very elegant to behold.Antique style engagement rings for the to-be groom:
In the case of men, the antique style engagement rings do not really have much variety to offer. However, you can be innovative and work on an existent design. You could consider setting a birth stone or one with your favorite color or even embossing an initial or complete name. The antique style engagement rings for men include the symbolic Celtic knots and patterns. The inter-woven strands of metal, the believed symbolism behind the design and the overall appeal add to the enigma that these rings flaunt. The circle of life, the law of cause and effect and eternal love are just some of the symbols in the antique style Celtic engagement rings that you could consider.
Antique style engagement rings for the bride-to-be:There are a number of antique style engagement rings available for the bride to be; the puzzle ring, the name ring and the inter-woven ring are just a few to name. Antique style engagement rings for the bride-to-be can be personalized by giving an existent preference a make over. The metal could be gold or silver or platinum in this case too.

Keeping in mind the household chores that a woman deals with daily, the antique style engagement rings for the bride-to-be are very versatile and easily removable. The puzzle ring is a set of inter-woven rings that do not come apart, but simply slide over one another and remain linked forever.Antique style engagement ring resources: There are a number of dedicated jewelers that operate both online and offline and are accessible 24×7. They understand the budget and design the antique style engagement rings for the bride and groom-to-be accordingly. These resources have professional craftsmen who come up with some fantastic add-ons and embellishments to existing patterns, and ensure that even if the couple is confused in the choice between a contemporary, modern design and an antique style engagement ring, they create a great combination of features! It’s your engagement ring, who says you can’t be innovative and experimental! Antique style engagement ring features:
It is very easy to recognize an antique style engagement ring. The common features include the dull look, the neat finish, the intricate strand work and the overall craftsmanship – well rounded edges and all! The antique style collection of engagement rings for the bride and groom-to-be come from various cultures across the world and quite a few are responsible for the resurgence of interest in the forgotten art. The ring patterns replicated today are copies of the unearthed artifacts and prized museum exhibits. The market for antique style engagement rings is enjoying an upscale with many couples tracing real value for the investment within these designs; Victorian and Celtic.The antique style engagement rings for the bride and groom-to-be, interestingly, from different cultures, symbolize an eternal bond; the band being a sign of the circle of life. In some ancient cultures the engagement ring stood for the promise of fidelity and in case of the contrary, the bride-to-be or the groom-to-be had to slide the ring off before and after an act of infidelity! Wow, food for thought! For some people, buying a wedding ring insurance or engagement ring insurance may not seem to be a good idea. It could be due to the emotions attached with this piece of jewelry. However, one shouldn’t forget that just like any other commodity, you need to protect your engagement ring too. Let us understand the various aspects of engagement ring insurance.It should be noted that a renter’s or home insurance policy doesn’t provide full coverage for fine jewelry items like an engagement ring. The information about different engagement ring policies provided below, would help in understanding them in a detailed manner. On the basis of careful study of different policies, one should decide upon which policy to buy.To buy an engagement ring insurance, one should possess all the receipts and certificates of the ring. The next step in the process is determining the cost of the ring. A ring appraisal should be secured in order to fix the cost of the ring. One can think about getting engagement ring insurance arranged by the jeweler itself. It is however necessary to obtain correct information regarding the extent of coverage provided by the insurance policies.Homeowner Policies Under the homeowner policies, coverage for engagement rings is provided in case any damage is caused to the house due to tornadoes, fire and other such problems. These policies however, do not cover damage caused to the ring as a result of household chores and other such things.