Great Home Improvement Ideas for the New Year

The New Year might be well and done but it doesn’t mean that home improvements are over. Quite the opposite actually since new materials, designs and ideas are only starting to appear for 2011. There are quite a number of great ideas that people including housewives and handicraft enthusiasts can try on or experiment on.

From your child’s room down to the bathroom, everything can be easily fixed and ordered to create wonderful looking interiors. Find the right partner for the outside and you can definitely create great exteriors or completely redesign your outdoors, backyard or front porch.

Here are several great home improvement ideas that you can use in order to make breathe new life into your home.

1. For interiors, the many interior designers believe that 2011 will mark the passing of the torch to minimalism. Get rid of all the useless things that make your home a clutter. Focus on getting your home more breathing space which will in turn help you and your family live a little lighter.

2. For exteriors particularly for backyards listen up. One underused home improvement idea is the use of gas firepits in your backyard. Why you ask? Well having a gas firepit handy will usually spell fun for you and your family. Instead of going out-of-town for a camping trip to sleep under the stars and share ghost stories with your kids, you can stay in the comforts of your own home and camp out. Using your gas fire pit you can even roast marshmallows and cook hotdogs in the evening to have a completely unforgettable time with your whole family.

3. Another underused home improvement idea is to get non-fluorescent lights in some areas of your house. You have to remember though that these lights should be placed on areas within the interior that does not usually cater to reading. If you have a den which you use primarily for watching movies, try replacing those lights and have a warmer lights installed. With warm lights, you get to have a better ambient light on your den which makes it more homely or cozier to relax on.

So far these are only several home improvement ideas that you can use to get a good idea of what the new trend for this year would be. There are other sources of information that you can use in order to find out other home improvement and DIY ideas.

Magazines are a great source of information, while oftentimes dated compared to the information available online or rather on the Internet it is still a great idea to read those articles especially since most of the major home improvement employ big names in the interior design and landscaping world. Hitting the Internet forums can also give you a good grasp of what you should be doing with your home in general. You also get to swap ideas with other likeminded individuals on the dos and don’ts of home improvement. The most important thing is you’ll be able to improve and promote change in your house for the New Year.

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Where To Look For Ideas For Your Next Front Yard Landscaping Project

If you’ve just moved house or just want to renovate your front yard, it’s quite easy to find landscaping ideas if you do some homework. Whether you are a newbie or have some experience in landscaping, there are a few places where you can find a lot of inspiration and tips for your next landscaping project. Read on to learn where you can find a lot of suggestions and ideas.

The public library

Libraries have a large collection of books on plants and gardening, history and decoration. Even books picturing images of remote countries landscapes will be useful to get your mind to work. You can use books on historical gardens, or you can even find antique photos of your area gardens and parks. You will also find several books on the art of landscaping and all its branches: Classic French gardens, English Country gardens, Xeriscaping, etc.

Your New Neighbors

If you’ve just moved in to a new neighborhood, invite some of them over and ask for suggestions. Talking about landscaping is a wonderful icebreaker, and a great way to make new friends. You don’t need to use all their suggestions, but you can also find a helping hand and someone to show you around the new neighborhood when you need to shop for plants and tools.

Go to the park

Don’t forget to visit your local park, botanical garden or any other green areas in your neighborhood. Not only is it a great way to get to know your new neighborhood, but it’s a great source of inspiration for your front yard landscaping project. Go and see nature in its purest form: there are plenty of plants and herbs that will inspire you to go out of the box and be original in your yard. You don’t need to use regular bushes or grass, you can try wild plants or herbs, especially those that are native to your area. The green areas of your neighborhood are a great source of information and inspiration. If you need some extra info on certain plants, don’t hesitate to ask your local botanist at the botanical garden or museum.

Pay a visit to your local gardening store

If you’re new to town, ask around to find the best places to buy plants, seeds and tools. You can go to your local gardening store, nursery or greenhouse, or to all of them. The people working there will be eager to give you plenty of info and tips.

The places mentioned here are just a starting point to trigger your inspiration and find ideas for your next front yard landscaping project. Pay attention to your taste, your heart and then plan the best front yard landscaping you can!

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Home Design Ideas That Go Easy On Your Pocket

Home design trends change regularly, new styles, colors and trends are introduced everyday. Picking a design that will fit your budget and meet your requirements can be extremely challenging. So, just how do you pick a home design that’s right for you, and where can you find one? Well, for starters, no one is better fitted for this job but you, as home owners, only you can best appreciate your needs and requirements. So before you begin, make a list of furniture items you need in your house. Remember, it is essential to make your house look fashionable and chic, but it is much more imperative that you incorporate functionality to it.

Thinking upwards from this list, talk about or take into consideration themes or color palettes that you and your family are most comfortable with. Warm colors, brighter lights are always in style and give a positive vibe to your house. Review your existing furniture and see if you can make small changes or additions to them. Because, even the smallest changes can enhance the old furniture completely.

Once you’ve brainstormed a few options for themes and color palettes, its time to start working some numbers and setting a budget for yourself, please be aware that it is very easy to over spend when it comes to re-designing your home. All home owners have a strong emotional attachment to their homes, and that often gets us carried away and we out spend ourselves.

Where to begin:

The Internet is the ideal place to start when looking for new home decoration ideas and furniture. There are plenty of online furniture stores with pictures that will help you find the newest furniture trends available in the market today. If you aren’t too convinced by browsing through pictures, then all you have to do is set aside a couple of hours around the weekend to visit a few furniture stores in your neighborhood to get an idea of the look and feel of the furniture you like. The Internet is the best place to get yourself a good bargain. Local stores are rarely able to compete with online retailers and their pricing. Look for excellent shipping offers too when you buy your stuff online. One common mistake that home owners often make is to completely ignore the outdoors, please remember that good home decor and furnishings should not limited to the interiors only. While planning and budgeting for your re-design, allocate some time and resources to getting the exterior of the house to look up to mark as well. Landscaped gardens, dim-lit gazebos, temperature controlled and clover shaped pools along with velvet lawns can all add to the charm of your house.

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Home Projects: Do-It-Yourself Woodworking Project Ideas

The most important first step of any woodworking project is to make proper plans. The Internet provides lots of detailed DIY woodworking plans that you can download, print out and refer back to as-needed so you can get the job done right.

The first thing you need to do is to figure out what it is you want to build. Think about whether the finished project will be able to suite the purpose you want it for. Take into consideration the design and if it’s suitable.

The key to all woodworking projects is the planning. Figure out what the costs will be and what kind of time your project will need to be completed. These important features are a vital part.

There is also the matter of tools. You need to determine what tools will be needed for the project at hand. The number of tools are almost as varied as the projects themselves. While some tools are relatively inexpensive, others can be quite pricey. Its always helpful to pick a design that doesn’t require extremely expensive tools. You may want to consider the tools you already have before deciding on a specific project. You should also look over the tools you own to see if any need maintenance. Since many tools can become dull, this is an extremely important step that must not be overlooked. That’s because blunt tools can adversely affect your project. They can not only present a safety hazard, but can cause damage to soft wood or make your cuts look rough and unappealing.

Once you have completed the planning process, its time to get to work. This is the best part for many people. However enthusiastic you are, be sure to take your time. Be careful to follow the instructions — both on your plan and those that have to do with using your particular tools. Don’t forget to wear safety glasses and other safety gear. Take your time and do it right the first time. That’s because making a mistake can end up costing you. Its also essential that you follow the instructions to a tee and don’t veer from the plan.

When you are done constructing the piece, it’s then time to finish it. This final step will most likely change the appearance of your project and bring it to life. The finish is very important and you must take your time in deciding how you want your piece to look.

Big or small woodworking projects take careful planning and following through with them. Makes it very easy.

I’m a huge time hobbyist of wood working. I have made some pretty big projects like a sleigh bedroom sets and my personal favorite lingerie chest for several members of my family. I know hot to get the job done.

Gift Ideas For Your Maid Or Matron of Honor

Her gift can be simple or elaborate, as long as it conveys all the emotions the bride feel for her as a friend. Think of the gift as a time capsule, commemorating the wedding and the same time your friendship.

A special way to honor her is to give her a Maid of Honor Frame or a Matron of Honor Frame that says it all! A personalized Maid of Honor Frame inserted with a photo of the bride and her helps recall those special “girl” moments.

Thank her with a gleaming Round Brushed Compact, perfect for those stealth makeup checks. Its high-quality mirror catches light and provides a crystal-clear reflection of her soon-to-be flawless complexion. It is secured with a latch which ensures seven years’ good luck. You could also give her a Sweetheart Silver Plated Compact with faux crystal heart. It is very handy and attractive, it even fits in small evening bags perfect for her night-outs.

Something that she can wear like the ultra-feminine Women’s Flower Series tank top and the Vegas Bachelorette Party Shirts is also a great gift. She can wear it during the rehearsal dinner, the bridal shower or even in the after wedding party. Or something that she can use for a day at the beach, a quick trip on a plane or just as an everyday purse, the Candy Striped Tote Bag which adds a touch of femininity to any outfit.

A Personalized Pink Camouflage Flask is perfect for the maid of honor who loves bringing her favorite drink along with her. Another useful item that you can give her is a Contemporary Heart Key Chain with an Oval Tag, a Light-Hearted Love Silver Plated Paper Weight, or a Key to my Heart Silver Plated Key Chain.

There are a lot of ways to acknowledge her hard work without overshadowing the bridesmaids. It’s also worth noting that these gifts can also be a bridesmaids’ gift.

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Home Improvement Ideas

There are several home improvement ideas that could be implemented to increase the value of your home while making it more beautiful. Putting these ideas into action will make your home more livable, enhancing the comfort you experience daily. More than this though, making use of home improvement ideas to make your home better is a prudent investment.

When the term ‘home improvement’ is used, the most common mental image people have Do – It – Yourself (DIY) package. While home improvement can be DIY, it goes beyond that to professional installations and repairs. Home improvement projects range from a simple paint job to complete remodeling.
There are a number of home improvement projects which over time have become the most commonly undertaken, they are: Kitchen remodeling; Bathroom remodeling and additions; heating system installation; and window replacement among others. From these, there are countless ideas which you could implement to make your home more comfortable and beautiful.

The kitchen is a nice place to start when considering a home improvement project. Getting your kitchen to have that new and shiny look is a good start. The biggest challenge here would be the kitchen cabinets. To get around this, you could either remodel with new cabinets or reface the ones you already have; this will depend on your budget as remodeling your kitchen cabinets will cost twice as much as refacing the existing cabinets.

Another home improvement idea when working with your kitchen would be to change the kitchen flooring. The kitchen floor can make a world of difference to the overall look of the kitchen. Kitchen flooring comes in different selections these days. You have a choice of hardwood floors, ceramic and stone tiles. You could also decide to use laminate flooring, which is a pretty new but increasingly popular option.

The bathroom is another prime area of a house when it comes to home improvement. If and when you decide to put your home on the market, the bathroom is one place that could easily put off a potential buyer. So directing some attention that way can only be an advantage, especially as you get to enjoy a more comfortable surrounding as a result.

When it comes to the bathroom, there are several home improvement ideas that could be applied. Here, a change of tiles could just be what your bathroom needs for a more modern look. Adding wainscoting or changing the one that is already there could give the bathroom a more finished look. You might want to change the bathtub or add another one; there are just so many things one could do to give added beauty to a bathroom and make it more upscale.

Changing your windows to sliding windows, picture windows, bay windows or any of the many window styles available can also make a difference to the look of your house.

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Ideas For You to Redesign Kitchen Decor

A redesigned kitchen can really refresh the entire home because it is centrally located in the house and is a popular gathering place for family members and guests. It’s a room where a lot of time is spent, so it should be the most functional and stylish. This can be achieved with updates every few years to give it a refreshed, vibrant look.

When considering the purpose of your redesigned kitchen project, think beyond aesthetics to things that would make the area more in line with how it is currently being used. Perhaps you can gain more space by replacing an infrequently used kitchen table with a counter and stools. Or you might need to add an island to give you more counter space or an area for meal preparations. You might also find that rearranging major appliances improves work and traffic flow.

Considering redesigning your kitchen? If this is your plan, make sure that the update includes environmentally friendly elements. Choose your lighting and your appliances from products that have earned Energy Star rating. Hardwood flooring is also environmentally sustainable and you can also find counter top options made from green materials as well.

Whether your redesign kitchen plans call for a major remodel or a few updates, its helpful to use a 3D software planner to see what the finished room will look like with your desired changes. This tool is especially helpful when changing the traffic flow, reconfiguring appliances, remodeling cabinets, changing the color scheme, or introducing new lighting.

You do not have to spend a fortune when it comes to good redesign kitchen concepts. You might like to replace decorative handles on your drawers and cabinets — this is a great, easy and cheap way to re-do your look. Just give cabinets and draws a quick repaint, or replace the faucet and knobs on your sink.

It is not that difficult to achieve a successful redesign kitchen project when you do it all yourself. If storage is an issue, you can hang a rack just for pots and pans, or you might want to put up special shelves just for all those spices and other additives. If you simply change the window treatments, you would be surprised at the different look achieved.

Clutter can be an enemy in any part of the house, but this is especially true in the kitchen. As part of your redesign kitchen project, you must address this issue first. How about putting a decorative basket for items that otherwise will find a home on the kitchen shelves and counter tops — mail, keys etc.

Whilst most redesign kitchen projects involve some major element such as new cabinetry, new appliances, or an additional center island, you might just want to change some accents to complement your decor. For example, install a wine rack or a special window box for growing herbs.

Sue Krippner is a Free Lance Artist, Home Staging and Redesign Professional. She is attracted to “all things beautiful, especially as it relates to interior decorating and design. Visit to see samples of her art and find plenty of professional design, tips, hints, and secrets to help facilitate your personal interior design goals with money saving frugal flair! Sue has a lot more information about redesign kitchen ideas here.

Affordable Ideas On Redesigning The Bath

In any home, a bathroom is considered to be among the most basic. At times, it can be said that a house is not a home without bathroom. That is why making your bathroom more attractive and fresh could make you and your family more comfortable. Not only that. Giving your bathroom a makeover could make your house more expensive which means a good return of investment. But this could also cost you some money.

It is necessary to plan your bathroom remodeling based on the available budget you have when you are trying to work on a budget. This means that money is decisive rather than what you really want to your bathroom. Nevertheless, by meticulous planning you can achieve what you want based on the money you have.

Having a tight budget, you should first think what you and your family could do instead of hiring someone so as to save money.

You can choose small bathroom remodeling and turn your bathroom into a new one by just changing its accessories and mirror or perhaps the color of bathroom walls, shower curtains and window treatments. You can change your bath tub and wall systems that can be installed on top of your present installation to give them a new look.

Displaying framed painting and collectibles on shelf added to a wall could give your bathroom a fresh look. Putting your soaps, bath salts and pretty toiletries in antique bowls or shaving mugs and add colored beads and cheap faux pearl necklace to it for a romantic effect. If you want you can add aroma candles to your vanity counter-top or near your bathtub. The master bathroom may have the luxury of space to add outdoor furniture such as a wicker table or chair. Accent lighting can be done around a beautiful painting or on top edge of the wall tile using low-voltage strip of lights.

Decorative wood beams on the ceiling and mirrored cabinets on the wall can open up your bathroom. Use color wash and repaint your wood cabinets.

You can do this by using what you have or what you already purchased like accessories, paintings, etc. If ever that it is necessary to buy something new, it is wise to canvass whether online or offline the cheaper accessories or things for your bathroom.

Make sure that you have to seek a professional contractor that cares your budget if there is a need for a major makeover.

There are many things that you may want to ask a contractor when you call them. You can question them about their costs, years of experience and background information. A list of possible questions might be able to get you started on your project. When you have your work done by experts it can make the remodeling seem more efficient and faster.

Having a contractor out to your home, can give you a great indication as to whether or not they will do the job or not. Often you can get a feeling about a person and tell from talking to them whether they no what they are talking about or not. In the home, they can take a look at your renovation spaces and give you a proper price and description of the job at hand.

Bathroom remodeling with a tight budget can be made easy as long as you know how to plan your goals in remodeling and maximize all what you have including labor-power. Financial constraints could not really be a hindrance at all.

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A Couple Of House Redesigning Ideas

Cold and unattractive homes, are not good for human habitation. A persons’ character hides some home elements, and what they have at home. Somebody with a complete home facilities, might just be going out from time to time for occasions like work, meetings, visits and other inevitable events. But still he lunges to come back home, and there is always a reason to invite others to his house instead of going out. However, he will always find some reasons to stay out, somebody who doesn’t take the time to make his house a home.

Home improvement should be done every year at least, to rekindle the urge and taste of being home-home is the best place to be. Perhaps a little touch here and there, is all you need. Are you already checking for rooms to re-touch,or house components to fix up? Make uses of these suggestions.

Using wool area rugs before? An area rug will go a long way in restoring the beauty of a room. It brings new looks and likes, to your rooms; it provides a soft landing for your feet,and it keeps the chill away from your toes in the winter. Using area rugs breaks up spaces, bringing out the beauty and structure of your room. Area rug is designed in variety of customized shapes, sizes and styles. With some personalized services, you can even get designs best suited for your personal needs. What will you do now? obtain the size of your rooms, and try to imagine a suitable color and shape.

Another home component of great importance is the ceiling fan. Has it not been noted, that the absence of a ceiling fan in a room makes the room look empty? A good ceiling fan blends in color and shape with the rest of the room – it makes you want to be home often.

When you have the right information, you are sure to make the right choice, which will fit into your imagination. Ceiling fans are here for years where moderns ones are made to suit consumers’ needs. Ceiling fans are designed in different styles. For effective improvement of a home, installing a suitable ceiling fan is just as indispensable as a wool area rug. Despite the various styles available, alot more ceiling fans are for indoor and outdoor uses. Most of them have added facilities, such as heater or warmer.

Now obvious is the fact, that effective blending of the color, shape and size of ceiling fan and wool area rugs goes along way in home improvement. This is why they have to be considered, in any home improvement adventure.

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