Dog Friendly Yards

Spring is finally here! Technically, the first day of Spring is March 21st. However, a sure sign that Spring is upon us, are the daffodils and crocus appearing in the garden.

The garden looks beautiful until a dog runs through it. Keeping dogs out of the garden can be a challenge. Sometimes chicken wire and decorative picket fences are necessary to prevent blooming flowers or just planted shrubs from being trampled.

Some pet owners train their dogs to stay in a certain section of their yard. This helps prevent brown spots on the grass and trampled gardens. It also assures dog owners with small children that there is a clean area of the yard for their children to play.

Dogs enjoy being outside and running around in the yard. Electric fences, fenced in yards or dog runs keep dogs safe on a dog owner’s property. Dogs who like to chase rabbits and squirrels can endanger themselves and others if they run loose in the neighborhood and/or street in pursuit of wildlife.

Keeping your dog on your property also prevents issues of neighbors getting upset with dogs pooping or peeing and leaving brown spots on their lawn. Responsible dog owners should have control of their dog at all times.

After work, get outside and enjoy the extra hour of daylight. Dogs who are crated all day will appreciate a long walk. An eco-friendly solution to pick up after your pet is Clean Go Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags. The unscented leak proof bags have quick-tie handles to seal in odors and will naturally decompose after use.

Dog parks are a popular place in the Spring. The temperature is not too hot for your dog to run around for a couple of hours. The Spring rain showers can make the dog park quite muddy, so bring along a towel for a quick clean up before your dog jumps in your car! Old blankets or car seat covers keep the car upholstery free of pet hair, dirt, and moisture.

A little sunshine and exercise does wonders for humans and canines alike! Being outdoors replenishes our energy level. Spring Ahead to a wonderful season of health and happiness!

The days are longer and the temperatures are getting warmer. It’s perfect weather to enjoy a walk in the park with your dog. Joanne Gallagher recommends visiting Jake’s Dog House to equip your dog with nice Dog Sweater for those long walks in the park.

Redesigning your rooms with environment friendly products

The focus on incorporating sustainable building practices and materials continue to gain momentum and now the opportunity for individual home owners to make a real difference by selecting environment friendly products and materials is even easier and affordable. The true environmental cost to our planet of so many traditional building and decorative materials is yet to be fully appreciated however a number of small companies are out to make a difference and provide alternative decorative solutions.  When planning ideas and designs for room you can now source many beautiful products for floors, walls and other decorative surfaces that are produced in a truly sustainable way. The period of environment friendly products being seen as a design compromise has long since passed as designers and architects now embrace products such as sustainable and recycled timber mosaics.


The booming DIY market suggests that many of us love to renovate and re-decorate and whether it is a simple weekend makeover or a major project the selection of building materials used can have an impact on both our home and our planet. Designs for room or lived environment should include the very best of ecofriendly and sustainable products that will minimise the amount of toxic chemicals in your home. With an increasing selection of toxin free paints and adhesives many manufacturers can now offer alternatives to traditional hard surface coverings that are beautiful and cost effective. Environment friendly products have now grown from a tiny niche market to a significant market sector in many areas of construction and renovation. Interior designers and decorators have reported greater demand for products that add beauty and function but don’t cost the earth, literally.


The main goal when you are searching for environment friendly products is to find the perfect balance between function, performance and eco credentials. Designs for room with an emphasis on sustainable and ecofriendly materials is now easier thanks to the introduction of eco timber products, for example the living room floor or feature wall, kitchen walls or bathroom feature panels with mosaic tiles that have all the beauty of natural material and still offer a practical solution. Have you ever considered a coconut floor, or mahogany tree bark walls? All these things can be done using ecofriendly products.


Interior designers are familiar with the latest trends, they can offer you the opportunity to create a room or home that combines beauty with all the best that nature has to offer. These environment friendly products used in designs for room projects can create this perfect healthy home. There are several websites which provide further information on timber and coconut mosaics, this kind of environment friendly products offering a perfect inspiration for your designs for room projects.


There are several websites which provide further information designs for room as one of the best alternatives you can have. These environment friendly products can be found on many profile websites and in offline stores as well.