Reasons to Hire a Handyman to Care for a Rental Property


If you own a rental property, you should find a handyman to help you out when problems arise. This may involve some extra cost, but it would give you the peace of mind of knowing that both the property and your tenants are taken care of. Consider why this option is often worth the money. You probably have a contract that protects both you and the tenant, and it likely states that you are responsible for most repairs that are not caused by the people living in the home. In fact, most areas have laws that require property owners to immediately fix certain issues. For example, you cannot expect them to live in the house with no heater, air conditioner, or water. If these systems remain broken for days, the renters have a right to stay in a hotel, charge you for the stay, and possibly not pay the rent for the days that the house was unlivable. If you want to get the total rent for the month, avoid paying for a hotel stay, and also prevent a possible lawsuit against you, it is best to hire a handyman to take care of the issue. You may assume that you will have no problem fixing all the issues on your own, especially if you consider yourself quite handy. Perhaps you could paint the walls, fix a leak, or install new floors when necessary. However, there are likely projects that you cannot safely take on. Those involving major flooding, electrical issues, and general construction, such as rebuilding a wall, are usually best left to a professional. Otherwise, you risk hurting yourself, damaging the property further, or at least leaving the problem not fixed when your best efforts do not work. Instead, just hire a handyman right off the bat so you do not have to waste your time trying to fix a problem that you know little about. You can always fix the little things on your own still, and then leave the major issues to a professional. Hiring an expert is just convenient. In many cases, your tenants may call you in the middle of the night when there is an issue that needs to be fixed right away. If you have a handyman, you can make a simple call to have him go to the property so you do not need to even get up. You can even set up a system in which the tenant calls the expert on his own, and then alerts you the next day, which is convenient if you do not want to be woken up. You can do the same even during the day if you do not want to be contacted at work. If you are considering trying to do all the work on your own to save money, note that your life will be made a little more complicated when you are basically on call for your tenants whenever there is a problem. Plus, when you factor in having to buy parts, and then taking time away from work to fix issues, you may end up paying the same as you would when using a handyman anyway.

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