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All of the Human kind has developed through time and has also seen improvement in various fields that exists which is a positive sign. Some of them also get involved in violent acts which is the highlights of news that we find today. The world of crime is being spread throughout the globe rapidly which has many negative effects on the society. The international news mostly focuses on the news based on crime as compared to other kind of news. Also, the Indian state news also gives away most of the news about the hazards that are caused in the society due to terrorism. Nowadays, people prefer to live peacefully and in harmony. The reason to prefer living like this may be many but mostly people prefer living like this. They try to avoid violence and terror in their life. The state news focuses on the reasons of start of fight; it was observed that it is mainly because of culture, land, food etc. The Indian History is very huge and long. It consists of many events and one of it is the early civilization of people. During the civilization period too, one could notice that there were fights due to various reasons like land etc. Also as time evolved one could see in the state news of India that there were fights among kings and emperors on protecting their political boundaries. Due to all this, the wars, battles and fights have become a part of the life of people which one can see in the latest state news. The religious ways teaching non-violence made people to go toward peace and avoid violence. This changed the lifestyle of many.But in recent times as per the state news of India, peoples has again started fighting in the name of culture, land etc. Many people have started to go for the violence path and fail to realize its hazards. The Indian state news functions to note down the information about all war and even about terrorism occurring around the globe. As per the latest state news all the nations around the globe are trying to defeat terrorism by a combine effort. International state news tells us about all the steps and measures taken around the world for fighting against terrorism. People are constantly checking out for sources that would provide them with International news and Indian state news and which is correct and fully fledged. It is important that people watch out for their own actions and always keep in touch with the latest state news and international news. This will keep them updated and lead a better life.

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