Can You Attract Money By Thinking About It?


The basis behind the belief that you can attract money into your life is that you can control on a very subconscious level how your financial situation is. Most people today struggle with finances and money, and most of these people likely can dig deep into their subconscious thoughts about money to determine that there are some pretty negative thoughts there.Instead of having positive feelings such as gratitude for the cash they do have and thankfulness that there is enough cash to pay for the bills this month, there instead is a constant feeling of not having enough cash. So the basic feeling about cash is that there is not enough. The law says that if you think about it and truly believe it, it will come true. So for so many people who think there is not enough cash in their lives, this actually becomes a reality.As you can see with this law, you can either be your own worst enemy or your own best friend. It can be really hard to attract money and think positively about it on a basic, deep level when you are struggling financial, but you need to realize that negative feelings will result in a negative situation. The key to unlocking yourself from the situation you feel trapped in is to let loose of those negative feelings.

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